We plan to award top artwork(s) with a people’s choice award certificate. You may fill out up to two entries per person. This style of vote is a vintage ballot approach meant help the indecisive among us and the format is very friendly to votes among peers too. The idea behind a two-vote ballot is that if you are one of the artists, you would traditionally use one vote for your own strongest work, and one for a colleague. If you are a non-artist or you did not intend to put forth your own work for award, then you can select two works from two colleagues which makes the choice a little easier than trying to whittle it down to one selection. It is okay to cast just one vote if you have one clear favorite, but etiquette says if you cast a vote for your own work, then you should cast the second vote for a peer. The voting schema was said to be highly effective even for high stakes peer awards of the past. You will need to cast each of the two votes separately. The radio button cannot accept two answers at one submission. Please vote up to two times. Names and emails will only be used if you requested an invitation or future notifications. They will not be shared with anyone outside of WAG, and we will use them only during this voting process to count votes and assure there are not accidental multiple submissions above the allowed amount. Emails, names, and votes will not be made public. Votes are only to determine the overall count for the award(s). Once the award is given and the count finalized, the email votes will be deleted. We may have a second vote on the night of the reception if it is needed, but if the results are clear enough, then this will be the only vote we need. Tune in to see the final results!

The award(s) will be given on the night of our virtual reception (which will be held on Zoom) on the evening of Thursday, November 18 from 6:30 – 8 pm HST. If you would like an invitation emailed to you, please mark the checkbox to ask for one at the bottom of this submission form.

Thank you!